project car

  1. J

    Decoding cowl tag

    I need help decoding the cowl tag on an old cutlass I've got. Any help is appreciated thank you.
  2. Icantfindmyrice

    82 cutlass full suspension

    Anyone know a good full suspension for a 1982 cutlass Calais that won’t break the bank or anyone have one for sale
  3. Icantfindmyrice

    Saint Louis mechanic needed

    Dose anyone know a place or person that can work on my cutlass without destroying my wallet in the saint Louis area I’m in Arnold
  4. RDR89

    First Pontiac: 1986 Grand Prix LE

    A buddy of mine is selling me his GP for a nice price. Odometer shows 47,125 but I am almost positive it has rolled over He is saying original miles but I do not know. What I do know is the darned landau roof has done its dirty deed and rusted right through the roof. Little pinholes right along...
  5. 20191121_082337.jpg


    My new project
  6. flatout

    2+2 Progress

    Just wanted to let you guys in on the progress of my Aero coupe. I have got most of the interior done. Still needs minor details to complete, I have to take a break from it from time to time. It is my evening project. I am going to start another thread on the wagon that I just picked up last...
  7. A

    Am I crazy for wanting to buy this 83 Monte Carlo SS??

    Ok, so I've always wanted to buy an 80s muscle car (Foxbody, IROC, Monte Carlo, etc) and just build a comfy cruiser with enough power to keep me excited. Maybe like 300 whp? Now my background... I'm a 17 year old who's pretty new to the car scene but have worked on his own cars. Here's the...

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