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Jul 14, 2022
I need help decoding the cowl tag on an old cutlass I've got. Any help is appreciated thank you. 20220713_210149.jpg 20220713_210158.jpg 20220713_210208.jpg 20220713_210213.jpg


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Jan 2, 2006
Ok, I'll roll the dice on this.

D = 83 model year.
04D = Month/week for Target Production Week (TPW) fourth week of April, 1983.
3GM47 = Oldsmobile, 2 door Cutlass Supreme Brougham
M = build plant - Lansing, Michigan. Too bad, you probably won't find any build sheets in the car as Lansing for some reason kept their cars clean. Never say never.
5895?? can't read the rest of it- Body number. Should match up on your build sheet or broadcast sheet if you were lucky enough to find one
59L - Lower body paint color - Beige
67A - accent stripe color- Dark Brown
67T- Vinyl Top color- Dark Brown
Lacquer- obvious
675- Not 100% sure on this one. I've got a feeling this is the interior color, which points to it being dark brown. The 5 may signify pillow top seats, but I'm not sure. Didn't do much research on it. USUALLY, but not always, three numbers indicate seatbelt type OR leather seats. Not sure on this guy. I don't know of any
AM6- 55/45 split bench
BX2- Body side molding, lower extra wide
NB1- CCC system, closed loop.
C04- Half vinyl top, padded
G2369- Nobody's been able to figure out this deal that I know of. It's suspected a Fisher Body internal number for something.
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