1. matty_krv

    ‘85 El Camino

    I was asked to post some pics of my ‘85 ElCo so here goes! It’s my daily driver so I’ve done a lot to it- and almost everything has been replaced or altered in some way- “Lucky” is powered by a supercharged 383 stroker paired to a t700rh transmission, Holley Sniper EFI, Holley Hyperspark...
  2. UMI Performance

    BUILD THREAD UMI's 1978 Cutlass

    UMI Performance is proud to announce our latest project. Follow along as we build this ultra-clean 1978 Cutlass. We’ll start with our best-selling Stage 2 kit, spice it up with some modern wheels and tires, then finish it off with LS Power. The end result will be a capable cruiser built to...
  3. A

    1984 el camino suspension

    Hello GBODYFORUM USERS! I just signed up and i've own my 1984 el camino for about 2 years. I got a shitton of questions and hopefully I can get some help, I recently put in an entire new front end suspension, New control arms, bushings, tie rods, idle and pitman arm and the whole shabam, but...

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