1. jwood1213

    Center cap questions for new rims

    I just ordered a set of these rims for my '88 MC SS, and was unsure what center caps would fit on these. Do the stock caps fit or do I need to order different ones?
  2. WelfareWagon

    17-18 inch wheels for G Bodies

    Hello all, Sorry if there is already a thread on here for this topic. I tried searching multiple times and never came up with anything I was looking for. I am looking to put 17-18 inch wheels all the way around on my wagon. It's an 1981 Olds Cutlass Cruiser. I do have a 9 inch ford rear...
  3. Irishspring46

    Purple Monte Carlo guy?

    There’s a guy on here with a lowered purple monte with chrome wheels and I think it has a sticker on the back window. I’ve been trying to find out what his name is on here but can’t find him. Id love to know what wheels he has on that car.
  4. Irishspring46

    Wheel fitment 1985 Monte Carlo ss

    I’ve got a 1985 Monte Carlo ss. I want to put a 2 inch drop all around and want 18x9.5 wheels they have a 5.29 backspace and they have a 01mm offset. Was wondering if anyone had any input on how this would fit and if it would fit without issues? I’m going to have drop springs with shortened...
  5. Irishspring46

    Suggestions struts wheel tire size

    1985 mc SS - I think I’m going with UMI 2” drop springs. Does anyone have suggestions on good struts to use with the drop springs? Mine are super worn and might as well replace them. Also another question, are you supposed to use a different shock if you lower the car?. And another...
  6. S

    New Member on board.

    First GM, first G Body. I have always wanted an El Camino. So I got one. 1987 El Camino. Thanks for having me. My intentions are simple. Upgrade Rear Axle and suspension. Ladder Bars and Coil overs. Ford 9". T400 Trans built for kill, With a Brake. Front Suspension Upgrade with All...
  7. W

    Wheel fitment on malibu

    First time poster here looking for some info on wheel fitment. I ended up ordering the Jegs SSR Wheels in a 15 x 8 with a 4 1/2 inch backspacing. So I just got tires put on and I’m running to 245/40r15 BFG G Force rival And I went for a test drive after checking wheel fitment as far as hitting...
  8. A

    15x7 rally wheel specifications

    Hello I am interested in putting a set of 15x7 rally wheels on my 85 Monte and am unsure about what backspacing to get. With that being said, I am planning on putting some stock looking tires on it. The only 15x7 rally wheels I can find online have 4.25 inches of backspacing. Will that look and...
  9. Jakefromstatefarm

    American Racing Backorder

    Curious if anyone knows what's going on over at American Racing? After 5 years of not working on my project, she got uncovered and was going to get some love. Spent yesterday, running through alot of small things but mostly wheel and tire fitment. Double and triple checking fitment led me to...
  10. H

    does anyone know if these irocs will fit?

    I own a 78' El Camino SS and I want to put some irocs on it. I want 20s and the specs are 275/40R20 160W. What spacers would I need in the rear? Or do I need any at all?
  11. Reddzedd

    Malibu wagon maximum stock tire size?

    I'm sure this exact same question has been asked previously, but I've been trying to find concrete answers to no avail. I'm looking to buy some aftermarket wheels for my '78 wagon. It's completely stock at the moment (no notches, stock ride height, fenders not rolled, stock rear end width, no...
  12. R

    84 Cutlass Bolt Pattern?

    I have an 84 Cutlass Supreme (Brougham). I'm looking to run 15 inch wheels on the back, but the problem is the 14s on it now with a 4 inch backspace are already close to the frame, so maybe I need to run negative fitment? A buddy gave me a set of hoosier slicks so now I just need wheels. Any...
  13. 1979 Pontiac Catalog (p.11)

    1979 Pontiac Catalog (p.11)

    Steering Wheels, wheels, and wheel cover options.
  14. KndyBludRedMC

    Will These 20's Fit?

    New Guy Here. My name is Mario and I would appreciate your input. Question on fitment of 20 inch Eagle Alloys for my 1978 Monte Carlo with stock suspension. Got a friend offering me some 20x8.5 wheels with 5x4.75 bolt circle, 5.264 backspace and a +14.00mm offset. Tires are 245/45r20...
  15. J

    78-80 regal builds

    Looking to see any pictures of a 78-80 regal build up as a hot street/drag car.. Seeing how they look with a more aggressive stance/look and nice wheels and tires, cowl hood (or any scoop), tucked bumpers, etc. As you may have read in another post, i have an 80 that im trying to eliminate the...
  16. yennchi45

    What size wheels and tires do you have

    What size wheels and tires are yall running and pictures if you have them please
  17. B

    New to G body's. Need wheel/tire help.

    So I recently bought a 79 Regal roller for $300 and I'm hoping I can make her great again. The wheels on it now are all thin rally wheels and I need to have it at least LOOK half decent. I want to do Cragar soft 8s all around, but I'm afraid to order the wheels in case I make a miscalculation...

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