American Racing Backorder


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Feb 26, 2014
Curious if anyone knows what's going on over at American Racing?

After 5 years of not working on my project, she got uncovered and was going to get some love. Spent yesterday, running through alot of small things but mostly wheel and tire fitment. Double and triple checking fitment led me to land on some american racing vn338's in black. 18x8 -120mm front, 18x9.5 -120mm rear.

I can only find a few places with 18x8 available in black, no one has the 9.5 at all. They are available in the graphite but not black, they are also available in 114mm spacing...

So, all of that to say this, is this a new backorder status? Have these been on backorder status for a while?

I'm sure covid is too blame but we are a year into this... Literally. Next week is the one year anniversary of "two weeks to flatten the curve".

I know covid messed up supply chains and production but I would imagine we should be cresting that hill by now..

If anyone has an insight I would appreciate it. I was finally excited to get my car out and drive it again but it NEEDS different wheels and tires before I'm driving it anywhere, current ones are not safe (rub wayyyy to much and waaayyyy too dry rotted, these were on it when I bought it).

Sorry for the long rant but frustrating when the desire to get the car going is immediately halted by something outside of my control.


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Feb 18, 2014
FWIW, it wasn't just normal supply chain problems. There was pent up demand, essential worker status, lots of things each contributing. So aside from raw material shortages you also need to worry about profitability.

End result is that as companies start back up they're focusing on making the most common and in demand variations of products.

For example, there's certain sizes of tires (poor late model vette owners) that are both out of stock with no expected production date because it makes more sense economically for the company to produce what 10,000 sets are needed of rather than 100 sets.

With such a low demand size, you may be waiting a while.


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Jul 30, 2014
South Central Pa
I work in a parts store, and almost everything has been on back order for the last year. One or two things come back and three or four go on. The nitrile gloves were on BO for 6 months, and when they came back our cost went up 50%. Batteries where super hard last year because Exide pulled out of automotive batteries with their bankruptcy issues, and the other manufacturers couldn't keep up with demand. Its getting better, but still hard to get some stuff.
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May 22, 2011
Central NY
One word
China Baseball GIF by MLB
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Ace Burt

Jul 23, 2017
Maybe covid supply chain interruption? I just got my wheels from billet specialties and it took them 4.5 months to get these custom backset wheels for my notched elcamino to me.


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Oct 22, 2017
everything's back ordered,three people in my life have bought furniture in the last two's all 3-4 months out.take a seat,it's gonna be a while..
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Nov 30, 2008
Greensboro NC
Been waiting on a suspension kit since Hallowe'en. House renos stalled for the next in a long string of perpetual stock-outs in building materials.
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