442 1986 442 experts- Need some clarification on hose clamps

84 W40

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Dec 9, 2009
I'm thinking he wants to know if those are the original clamps from the factory in the respected locations. I say yes. 69hurstolds will know.
Those are the factory clamps.
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Jan 2, 2006
I'm thinking he wants to know if those are the original clamps from the factory in the respected locations. I say yes. 69hurstolds will know.
It's more like the pic of the low-mile 83 was helping confirm what I was proclaiming. Now, the tower clamps on the bypass hose can be found in all sorts of clock positions. The ones on my 85 were both pointing sort of forward driver side, where the ones on this 83 example are 9 and 3.

The last thing I'll do is say I know everything about G-bodies because I don't. But I have been around the block on these cars several times and yanked parts and replaced parts enough to know them fairly well inside and out. I'm always learning new junk or verifying what I thought I knew was actually pure BS and make those corrections as I go. This is a team effort and there's so much collective knowledge on this forum it just slays me sometimes.
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abbey castro

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Oct 31, 2015
Harker Hts TX
Yup another "my uncle worked at the factory" guy! That makes his uncle a configuration expert on every car built there, except his uncle cleaned conveyor belts! Have never seen the pinch clamps except on the power steering return line. Although I threw away all my emission stuff a long time ago. The types were the tower type, as shown on the air tubes on my (81 Vette), the wire type on radiator hoses, band on heater hoses. spring action on fuel. I've replaced some band clamp with the newer style Chrysler tension clamps but have gone back to the screw type where needed. Hope this lends to the general cornfusion on the matter since my SS is basically the same as BOP. :)


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