454 swap in 85 El Camino


Royal Smart Person
Jan 1, 2009
Tulsa, OK
I have been using a CC162 aluminum radiator from Champion coupled with Dodge Intrepid electric fans and an Oldsmobile upper radiator support. I am in Oklahoma it keeps up. I also us the CVF racing deep groove pulley set. The radiator is stock style replacement, in a fabricated aluminum fashion. The Intrepid fans fit the radiator core like it was made for it.

Hooker 2241s are dedicated G-body big block headers and fit nice, have to trim a motor mount. The will require tilting the motor out of the mounts for installation. They also can be difficult with kick-out style oil pans. These have several slip tubes. Will fit with raised port heads.

Hooker 2455s will fit with some love or trimming of the passenger side rear lower a-arm mounts. Some guys have flipped the a-arm bolts around for additional room with both style headers. With -861 Bowtie heads and raised ports I had to alter a tube that curves under the lower a-arm for additional room.

I have also taken the brake proportioning valve off of the frame and ground the bosses off of the back side to tuck the proportioning valve in tighter to the frame, gains about 1/4" of room.

Both sets of headers are 2 inch primary tube that are 30 inch length, and have 3.5 inch collectors.

Street car use a G-force crossmember.

Racecar I prefer the Iceman style crossmember.
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