84 GP - Steering wheel play after turn signal switch replacement

Aug 28, 2019
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Hey, y'all. I spent probably a couple hours taking my steering wheel off and the column apart a little to remove and replace my turn signal switch (actual electronics, not lever). I went to put the wheel and such back in reverse order and found that my wheel moved around... a lot. Definitely more than enough to cause issues while driving. Everything is back where it should be, not sure why wheel is being so odd. Column is fine and stable as it should be, it's only the wheel. Car is a 1984 Grand Prix LE with the tilt column. Please help, thank you.


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Jan 7, 2024
Sounds like it's not seated properly. You could watch this video -
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Aug 28, 2019
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
It is not the tilt column - it is the WHEEL. Only the actual tangible wheel bit is loose. The rest of the column is snug as can be. This we found loose while going back through it again.


Oct 1, 2022
If your bearings didn't fall out did you get the lock disc snap ring seated in groove seems like that let's wheel be sloppy many years ago I decided to defeat the lock disc in colum ended up with loose fitting wheel if my memory serves me ,as an after suggestion to defeat the lock it eould be better to saw the lock pin off or saw all the outside holes off the string lock disc as it has a spring under it that acts as pre load for the roller bearings ? Ect.
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Jan 2, 2006
That's your upper bearing inner race and inner race "seat" as it were. That big fat tough spring you had to compress to get the snap ring loose or installed? The bottom end of the spring fit on the seat, and the upper is pushing up against the lock plate.

The upper bearing is installed, right?


Then the inner race and seat and spring go on top of that. I'm betting if that retainer is loose, you're missing something or have something hanging up that shouldn't.

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