1. vandeeperformance

    84 GP - Steering wheel play after turn signal switch replacement

    Hey, y'all. I spent probably a couple hours taking my steering wheel off and the column apart a little to remove and replace my turn signal switch (actual electronics, not lever). I went to put the wheel and such back in reverse order and found that my wheel moved around... a lot. Definitely...
  2. 83cuttychop

    Lost oil pressure

    Hey fellow Gbodians my Name is Mike I drive and 83 cut supreme with a swapped 79 350 in it, new here so hopefully this gets some help….. (I was driving on the Eway and all of a sudden the car shuts off. Idk why but it does do that from time to time. It ALWAYS starts right back up though, well...
  3. 85GrandPrix#1

    GRAND PRIX Tach Help

    Hello all, I recently posted about some tach troubles. Well I have it all in the dash, mock jumper bar and everything. Signs of life, but no life. When ign is on, it jumps to zero, so I know it’s getting power. When I start the car, no rpm’s show up. I can tap the needle and it’ll go back to...
  4. 85GrandPrix#1

    GRAND PRIX Tach Swap trouble

    Alright, so I’m in the midst of swapping my clock for a tach. Everything’s going fine so far, apart from having to repair the circuit board. My only other problem I’ve run into is that I don’t seem to have this little red piece that supposedly goes in the back of the tach? Not sure to be honest...
  5. J

    Need help clearance issue

    I need some help: I have a ls 5.3 with the cts-v oil pan. It is in the car (gbody) but is not aligned straight. One side of the engine is further back and will not slide forward because it is hitting the frame on the where I believe the oil cooler mounts. Has anyone else had this issue? Any...
  6. Cabal

    Stock 85 Cut Sup Bro Exhaust and parts recommendations

    Hey everyone, I'm brand new to this forum. I've used posts and FAQ's to see answers to my questions over the past few years but I've finally made the dive to create an account and to ask a few things. I have a bone stock 1985 Cutlass supreme with a 307 that's never had any major work done to...
  7. Thursday

    MONTE CARLO I need help finding a replacement for this trim

    I don't know what this trim is called I'm trying to find a replacement for my 83
  8. michael_boomin

    transmission leak

    hello Gbody lovers! ran into a little problem today. had a transmission fluid leak(th350) from a cooler line so i replaced the steel lines with braided lines because why not right . After changing the lines and putting fittings on i experienced a worse leak than i started with. i have pictures...
  9. Swindells

    HELP LED headlight issue

    So I just installed some LED headlights For starters When I had only one side installed the low and high were working fine separately but I couldn’t get the high beams to work together and have both on Strange And now that I’ve installed the other side The low beams only light 2 of the LED on...
  10. Swindells

    CUTLASS General paint discussion

    The time is coming soon to paint my cutlass and I’m having a very hard time deciding what colour/colours to paint it I was thinking a high gloss white originally being as I have the bluey/green stock interior, kinda limits me to choices for exterior paint but I think I’d like to go 2 tone just...
  11. M

    HELP Air condition line on ‘84 Monte

    I’m currently in the process of hooking everything back up after my recent engine/ transmission swap. I’m using all the stock A/C parts, but when taking everything apart I broke the line going from the condenser to the evaporator. I can’t seem to find a replacement ANYWHERE! If anybody knows a part...
  12. Offthecuh

    Turn Signals dont work with headlights on

    I have a 86 monte carlo base and when i turn on the headlights the turn signals stop working , ive replaced the turn signal relay and turn signal switch, any help is appreciated!
  13. Offthecuh

    Parasite in my 86 Monte

    Im not really knowledgeable when it comes to electrical, so any info would help. I picked up a 86 base monte carlo and the previous owner warned me a out an electrical draw that kills the battery, after testing fuses i noticed the Ignition fuse was broken, i tried putting in another fuse to...
  14. Offthecuh

    Cant find a base monte front turn signal lamp!

    picked up a 86 base monte carlo awhile back and cant find a passenger front turn signal lamp for the life of me! anyone know where i can find one or maybe any other models that might fit aswell?
  15. 78_Monte970

    Gas tank too big?

    My tank was leaking and I ordered a replacement from O’Reilly’s, said direct fit. Tried to install and the tank straps seem to be too short for it? Can I get longer straps that fit, or modify the tank in some way? Any help appreciated, thanks.
  16. 78_Monte970

    Keyless entry help?

    Hey guys, so I thought I’d get some advice on my first problem. I bought a 78 monte with shaved handles, the shave job actually looks really clean. The problem is the person who did that never installed solenoids or anything. There is that emergency cable in the fender that can open the door if...
  17. ElJoemino

    Engine verification

    I can't seem to find the correct info about my engine. I know its not the original so I began to search and behind the alternator is V1001DDL and under that is CGS902851 and at the rear on driver side is 14088551 which I did find info on but it wasn't enough. I was getting my A/C working and the...
  18. RastaRocket86

    CUTLASS Need help iso driver side Power window regulator for my cutlass

    Need help finding a window regulator for my car
  19. John Chamberlain

    RPO codes

    Ok so i have a 1985 chevy monte carlo ss and was going through the RPO code list and i have a few codes that im not able to find ive looked and these codes on the sticker why trying to find them if anyone can tell me what they are be very thankful (missing code list E7Z,FC3,FC4,6KY,7KY,8HN,9HN)...
  20. Phillip

    I've got fuel and spark... why won't she start?

    Hi All! I'm afraid I'm one of many to make my first post a cry for help. I'm at the end of my rope with our 84' Caprice Estate 305. The short story is, I rebuilt the Rochester Quadrajet meticulously, assuring everything was done right, and now she won't run. The car ran before the rebuild, but...

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