bucket seat hinges

Jeff Eller

Jul 24, 2017
My 1986 Monte Carlo LS has worn out bucket seat hinges. The drivers side seat leans farther back than it's supposed to and is very uncomfortable. I've noticed that the plastic bushing in the hinge mechanism is mostly gone. Does anyone make replacement parts for these hinges? Can you buy new or rebuilt hinges? I've heard that F body hinges are the same. Anyone have any ideas or experience with this issue?
May 21, 2011
Kentville,Nova Scotia,Canada
Years ago when I still had the stock buckets I had the same problem.IIRC I made new bushings from a nut,I forget what size.
I cut it in half and used some JB Weld to secure it where I wanted it.
It was a temporary fix that lasted for a few years

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