Clutch linkage bushing project, trying to redo OE parts

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Sep 14, 2014
Elderton, Pa
Played a round with some bushings today. Didn't drill out the OE parts but did on a sacrificial brass & steel bushings cause I can't find any 5/16" I.D. ones local so a 1/4" work as I drilled it 1/64" until it was 5/16". The O.D. was 3/8" so I eyed them up with the factory holes & it looks like the spare pedal might be in need of a 7/16" O.D. but the others lokk like the 3/8" will work. Tried the bushing on the spare upper rod to see the I.D. may need a lady hair more space for a smooth pivot, allow the slight play needed & keep enough lube to do it's job. Wasn't much work but gives me an idea how much work it'll be trying be cheap but still spending more than I shoud.
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Feb 20, 2018
Went through this whole exercise when i set up the linkage for my own Monte. In retrospect, the heim joint option is probably the better choice, it was just that I had? all the parts for the factory version and powershifts aren't on the agenda. I did use the steel bushings from the Hurst Pit Pack kit. I also re-inforced the Z-Bar that I used. There is an entire thread here on the site that discusses that whole Z-Bar drill as well as heim joints. Link ought to be listed in the search engine. I am still looking for a correct length return spring for mine because having headers changes the attachment point for the spring that used to be on the frame.
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