OLDS Did You Know VIN 9 Olds A/C Kick Up Solenoids Were Date Coded


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Jan 2, 2006
A word about the date code on the solenoids...most all GM kick up solenoids had date codes, all the way back into the 70s that I can ascertain. Even the GM replacement solenoids in the Delco box.

I posted a lead in the for sale section about someone selling an NOS VIN 9 carburetor kick up solenoid. Those VIN 9 solenoids had date codes which usually matches fairly close before the manufacturer date of the carburetor. Usually around a month prior to the carb build. But not always. Simply because it was the production date of the SOLENOID. Not the carburetor. But it would only make sense you couldn't have a production solenoid on a production carb with a date after the carb was built.

In the one in the ebay ad, it shows a code of "4F" on a green sticker. 83 and 84 H/O carbs had white stickers. 85-87 442 had green stickers. Not only did they restamp some of the 84 H/O service carbs to be 85 442 production carbs (later service 85 442 carbs did not get the restamp), they also re-labeled the white solenoid sticker with a green one. Weird. The one in the ebay ad has 4F on it, but that's just because it was made in June of 1984.

Interesting to note, all production 85 442 carbs seem to be built on the same dates as many 1984 service carburetors on June 5th or 6th, 1984. Either 1574 or 1584 was the date code for every 85 442 production restamp I've ever seen. I've got an NOS 84 H/O carb (not restamped) that has a date code of 1584 and a production 85 442 carb with 1584. And another 442 carb with 1574. Imagine that. This is not set in stone. But so far, I've not seen anything outside this range. Doesn't make much sense. I mean, how many carbs could they make in a couple of days? I'd love to see more carbs.

Note the build date codes:
84 H/O NOS carb
84 ho carburetor 17084554 June 6 1984.JPG

85 442 production carbs
Date Code 85 442 Production Carburetor 1574.JPG

1985 442 Carburetor Replate 4.JPG

CONVENIENTLY, they just applied a green "4F" label over the white 84 label on the solenoid since the restamps were done in June 84, so it makes sense to just re-label the solenoid for June. (I'm guessing there was likely a white "4E" or maybe earlier code on there originally?).

You can see where the white label is peeking out from under the green one on this production 85 442 carburetor solenoid. 4F was on the original solenoid of every production 85 442 carb I've ever seen. I won't ever say it isn't always true, as I haven't seen all 3,000 of them.
85 442 production carburetor solenoid with decal.JPG

And an NOS service replacement 85 442 carb. Note the 6M on the solenoid. Means December 86. Date code on carb is 0062, for Jan 6, 1992.
NOS 85 442 Carb Solenoid Service Replacement.JPG

NOS carb stamping 85 442.JPG

I've seen 83 H/O with the white label and date code of 2K on them. Meaning October, 1982. Makes sense. Also 84 H/O has 3M on one, meaning December 83. Car was built in January.

My 87 442 has a 7C on it, for March 87. My car was built in April 87. Right on schedule. Go figure.

Anyway, just thought I'd toss that sort of restoration tidbit out there.

If anyone needs a specific date coded VIN 9 decal, or 79 H/O solenoid decal (they were yellow)...I can probably hook you up.
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Jun 24, 2008
Wiper motors too... hard plastic molded parts like the ball chiller vent have date wheels. Sometime in '85 that trim changed molds and was not as sharp and linerar on the projection portion of the vent mount. Tool must have worn out or changed vendors.


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Jan 2, 2006
True. There's MANY parts that have hidden or coded date codes on them. Many times vendors change and the parts manager said they NORMALLY changed part numbers if the design changed on a part to a certain degree (however much "certain degree" means) or if the supplier changed. But not always. Thus 4 million part numbers. One part comes to mind. The Olds 307 oil level indicator, aka "dipstick". Originals were black round handles. Same part number, but later, the handle changed to a yellow t-handle. Imagine my surprise. I would expect that to be a design change, but they may have thought it was just an asthetic change that didn't affect the function and fit of the part. 🤷‍♂️

As confusing as Ford's alpha-numeric part numbers may seem at first glance, they at least kept the main part number the same, but used A, B, C, etc., in the part number version location to delineate the updates.

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