Do Prom Chips go Bad?

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Oct 8, 2021
Over the years I’ve just about replaced everything on my Elco
Wondering if this could be a hidden problem?
What would be the symptoms would it show on Check Engine Light?
Would car still run?
Anyone replace one? Why?


Master Mechanic
May 6, 2015
I have worked a long time in the IT industry. Yes, generally speaking any type of microchip can go bad. Typically heat, water, static or electrical voltages that are out of spec are the cause. Also check if it it the socket that may be bad. It is possible for a chip only to act up when it is heat soaked, I.E. when it gets warm enough to intermittently have an open circuit within it.

Also check the wiring to it. My truck had an random intermittent issue that would cause it to die. Turned out that a wire in the harness going to the ECU had a bit of insulation rubbed off and it was shorting every so often.
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