Elco won't start!

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Sep 8, 2015
We can not help you if you do not read and follow the advice given. You more than likely have a stuck starter, bad connection, or a bad battery. Try jumping it off a running car. Try tapping on the starter while some one tries starting it. Make sure you are getting voltage to the hot post and the start wire of the starter. Then report back.


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Jul 19, 2009
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Sounds like a good battery. Check the terminals to make sure they are not corroded or loose. Can you jumper between the solenoid switch and the main power? Leave the ignition key off. With a short stout piece of wire, like 12 gage insulated house wire, Briefly jumper A to B, not A to R. Protect your eyes, sparks will fly. If it cranks the motor over, you have an electrical gremlin to chase. If no crank, can you reach down to the crank pulley and make the engine turn either way, just a bit? If the motor turns, then your starter is the problem.
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