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Aug 8, 2011
Ok last question, if I were to upgrade to a 383, should I increase the size of the exhaust pipes? Right now its running two 2" pipes. Should I do like 2.5" or 3" or is 2" good enough?
I have 2-1/4" On my Regal with a 355 SBC if I had a 383 or larger I would probably go with a 2.50" exhaust and there are plenty of affordable kits in that size for Gbody, I still have a new Jeg's complete stainless 2.50" exhaust that I haven't installed and bought it when it was on sale for well under $200 like a few others on here.


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Jan 18, 2018
There really is no reason not to run a full exhaust with tailpipes that go over the axle, I prefer the look of having them exit behind the rear tire so you don't really see them plus they are angled towards the ground which IMO makes them a little quieter.
I agree with this, I had mine exit behind the tire rather than to the back bumper.
Oct 14, 2008
Yeah, go 2.5" minimum. I have noticed 0 bottom loss even with a 260. It should be much easier to route than 3". Go with the exit behind the wheels.


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Dec 29, 2019
Tukwila, Wa.
That's cheating.

Any time I see a car with exhaust dumping out in front of the rear wheels or ending at the rear axle, I get the impression that the guy cut corners there and probably a bunch of other places as well.
There is probably a great deal of truth in your opinion/statement. My Caballero is, and always has been, a regular driver. When it was down for an engine and transmission transplant, I wanted it back together as quickly and inexpensively as possible. I chose to have my exhaust dump out before the tires partially because the shop said that they would have to put a small crush in the pipe as it passes over the axle. I did not want any restrictions to the exhaust flow, so ahead of the tires it went. It did save me a few bucks, but I could have afforded it, and it would not have taken any more time.
As far as cutting other corners, I reused the original bellhousing, flywheel, and even the clutch and pressure plate. Three years gone, and so far all is well.
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Jul 10, 2009
Claremont, NH
Sidepipes Baby!!


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Nov 24, 2016
Northcoast, Cleveland, Ohio
The exhaust was done before I got the car. I changed pretty much everything on the car since, except the exhaust, until now. I'm changing it too. But it will route the same way out behind the tires as it did before.


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