Getting ready for a possible big time lost in the next 24 hours-missed out on major damage



Royal Smart Person
Mar 10, 2010
Small town NY
Wow, youre lucky there wasnt more damage ! Ive got all Maples on my property and since I moved here back in '82 Ive lost quite a few of them. Ive got one now thats totally dead but its not really my tree. The majority of its on the neighbors side of the property line but hes being a real a-hole about having it cut down. It pisses me off because hes the richest guy in the area. He used to be the CEO of a big bank. When it got bought out he got over $200 million. Hes got a 60 acre estate thats on 3 sides of me. You would think he'd do the right thing. I really dont need to have an extra bill.


Sep 14, 2014
Elderton, Pa
I found an issue from the tree falling towards the house, it killed the power to my garage. The power line is hung running from the house to the garage & I guess the one branch hit it hard enough to break contact somewhere in the line. It's an old school 120x2 set up so it'll need replaced regardless. Now I got to figure out what it'll cost to either rerun it hanging or find a good route to bury it. Then I guess the inside rewire will be needed at the same time to be up to code. Now if the insurance world cover the inside work dispite not being directly involed with the damn tree. Hope one of these two jobs I'm up for does something soon.

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