Grand national 8.5 10 bolt value

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Jun 2, 2021
Rushville Ohio
Hi all, this is my first post and hope it’s in the right stop, but.... my question is I’m looking at a rear end that is a 8.5 10 bolt that came out of a grand national. I’m just not sure of the value of it with and without a posi unit. They are wanting $1500 and it’s supposedly a posi with 3.42 gears. Any help as to the value of these rears would be much appreciated. Thx


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Apr 15, 2009
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Communism must strike G body rear end pricing.

Price of any 8.5 will be fixed at $350. You no longer have free market control over what you think it is worth. Tax dollars will be funneled into foundries to reproduce center sections if the supply dries up.

You will also be fined and taken to the Gulag if you are found with a Ford designed rear end in your G body. That is heresy.
Careful what you ask for........the Commissars will confiscate all of the 8.5" rears.....and the proletariat will be forced to use Model T era rears.


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Jan 2, 2006
You guys are like the 3 amigos here.
Los Palomitas Hermanos

Gus Fring approves.



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Jul 17, 2007
Not sure why the name calling. This is an obsolete item. The general G body enthusiast is pretty tight, budget builder and DIY'ers. That means you have no issues welding up and putting in a Mustang rear. Different width, converting to Ford brakes, 4.5" bolt pattern and getting the parking brake to work.

For a 34 year old part the term bolt in does not mean buy and bolt in. It means it will fit without modification. Rebuild is expected in any 30 year old mechanical part.

I had one for sale for $2300 Canadian. I was already told by the DIY'ers what a retard I am but I was not trying to put it in their garage. It was for someone who wanted a low mileage rust free Grand National G80.

The bottom line is it was sold to a G body guy, not on these forums. He could not believe it was available and bought it sight unseen.

My conversation with him confirms my theory. There are 2 buyers out there for G body rears. 1 is you don't care what rear ends up in your car. It's basically is Dollars vs strength or availability.
2. Is someone looking for a factory correct rear. IMHO, there is no other option for them. Similar to Grand National front seats. The price is not what they are worth. The price is what you will need to pay someone because there are not many left. If that hurts your wallet. Standard Regal seats or you are sitting in a set of Procars.

friend just paid $2200 cdn with unknown mileage for an 8.5 for the Base Bu he just bought. Figured he will run it until it needs a rebuild. He said the peace of mind to bolt it in and go was worth the price. I couldn't believe it when they were priced at over $700 and I let mine go figuring I would find another when I needed one.


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Feb 2, 2015
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Of course you could always build yourself a hybrid to have whatever you want. The diff in The Juggernaut is a 12 bolt out of a ‘71 Chevelle. It’s been narrowed 1 1/2” per side, has 30 spline Moser axles with 1/2” studs and big bearing 9” Torino housing ends. No worrysome C clips or leaky eliminators. Near bulletproof IMO and didn’t cost me anywhere near the “over 1K mark”.

And that’s in Canadian pesos BTW. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

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Jul 23, 2017
Thank you for proving my point. People see a bare housing for a couple hundred bucks and think they can get into a 9" for under 1k. Unless they have everything to fill it already, you end up spending about 3k as you did. It's not a bad route, but many are only looking at price & going for what appears to be the cheapest option, the 9", which usually isn't the case.
pretty hard to beat this for what I wanted to do. Here it is sitting under my El Camino with a notched frame, billet specialties wheels and 305-35-19' rears on it. Build sheet and cost also for reference. That price was shipped to my door


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Aug 8, 2011

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