Hello GBF! From Gettysburg, PA

Turbo Zach

Turbo Zach

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Sep 8, 2015
I love the wheels and stance of your car! Welcome from Iowa.


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Nov 24, 2014
Louisville, KY
Welcome from bourbon country Jared. The Monte looks sick. Care to go into more detail what's done to the motor, hp.
Also, we love pics...and definitely videos!!


Jan 9, 2019
Thanks for all of the warm welcomes!

As far as a low down on the combo, it goes as follows:

Gen3 5.3
*All stock bottom end down to the 120k OE bearings (pulled apart and cleaned everything up)
*Re-gapped rings .028 top/ .030 second ring
* stock 706 heads w/ PAC1218 springs
* Texas speed 224R cam .581/.581 224* on 114 LSA / LS7 lifter and trays
* Trick Flow double roller timing chain
* stock truck intake/ throttle body & fuel rails w/ 80lb siemen dekka injectors
* On3 76/65 turbo, 3" A2A ebay intercooler, 44mm gate
* ARP head studs and summit MLS head gaskets
* holley hp efi controlling everything w/ twin AEM 380s pushing fuel
* th400, reverse manual VB, custom billet converter from Greg @ R&R converters
*8.5 rear, Eliminators, mini spool and Richmond 3.42s
*8pt cage
*weighs in @3570 with my butt in it

Have no clue what the hp/tq numbers are. This past year the car went 11.40 @ 125 with a 1.86 60'....10psi and 14* timing in the tune (Wanted to stay conservative to get a base line )

Only got in 2 passes before a racer had a bad break and oiled 3/4 of the track late on a Friday TnT.

This year I'm building the trans and putting in a brake in hopes to get this thing to launch. Like to get into the 10s with it
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