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Aug 8, 2011

Flexplate is installed correctly.

I always use aftermarket name brand hi torque mini starters on my Chevy engines, they give plenty of clearance for headers and kickout oil pans and are easy to check depth and gear clearance, most have dual bolt patterns for either diameter flexplate and some are clock able.
They are also easy to shim for proper engagement of the flexplate.
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Dec 29, 2016
Sorry, don't mean to confuse... I think the photo was 4L60E, and its just meant to convey that on the bell housing you have to have the correct casting for the side that the starter is on.

You can't use a trans from a passenger side starter mount and mate it to an engine that has a driver side starter mount.

The OP is showing a trans with the single cast case and the torque converter cover is a separate bolt on.

In meantime... Found a pic of Chevy th350 which seems to coordinate with what he has, so he should be fine.

Like I said, because if the angle of the photo I wasn't seeing the cut out needed. Not trying to go down empty rabbit trails... It was just an observation and a question...
78Delta88 Actually MY bad, I'm the one that's confused....I thought you were the OP....I re-read and see that you're trying to help as much as I am so no worries.

I think OP just needs to sort out which combination of trans/flexplate/engine combination he's got and go from there. One thing there definitely isn't a shortage of in this world is SBC aftermarket starter motors...if a OEM style won't fit I'm sure one from powermaster/tilton/msd, etc will.

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