How To Remove Window Trim (with pics)


Sep 17, 2010
is there anywhere online to find these, my car sat in the sun all its life and then crumbled taking them off


Royal Smart Person
Jul 14, 2008
Ontario, Canada
man, I've been waiting for someone to post this!
thanks budd


Jul 10, 2010
Hey Blake, excellent demo with taking the moldings off. I just got mine powder coated and have to put them back on. Any tips on how to do it, hate to screw them up. Thanks


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Apr 24, 2007
Assuming you have replaced any broken clips...

Start with the upper piece, and have somebody help you hold it so you can get it centered without scratching the paint.
Staring at the center, carefully push it down into place. You'll hear/feel it engage the clips.
Sometimes I'll even put a small piece of masking tape on the window to indicate where each clip is, so I can make sure that every one of them is engaged.
Wait to do the last clips on the ends so it is easier to slip the side pieces on and continue.
Use gentle but firm pressure from the palm of your hand, as blows from a fist or even too much force on a thumb can cause the aluminum to dent. It's quite delicate.

It's really not hard, you just have to be patient and careful so you don't damage the trim or your paint.


Oct 20, 2011
how about the small side window trim getting some new ones and tryn to find away to replace them without messing up my new paint job....


Master Mechanic
Dec 15, 2011
same, i need to know also. can you post a video on youtube?

mr evil

Aug 4, 2009
Sooke, BC, Canada
Hydros4life said:
how about the small side window trim getting some new ones and tryn to find away to replace them without messing up my new paint job....

As I recall, the trim has pins that are actually part of holding the window in. If you remove the upper panel inside the car you will see the pins, they are held with speed nuts. Can't recall how many, but should be fairly easy to see. Once the nuts are removed, gently tap the pins outward-evenly around the window or else you could bend/snap the trim. Carefully cut away any sealant that may be sticking as you do this.

I remember this being a pretty straightforward operation once you dig into it. As for your new paint, if there is any overspray onto the trim, carefully use an edge around the trim to ensure you dont pull any paint away with the trim.

Carefully install new trim in reverse order 8)

Sorry, no pics or video of the procedure.
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