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May 28, 2022
The middle of BC, Canada
Rt Jam
Don’t lump gun drilled axles as rainbow chasing. They aren’t gun drilled for a weight savings, but that is an added benefit.
If it isn't for weight savings, what is it for?

And I will not accept "reduced rotating mass" as that is covered by weight savings, even if it is of considerably more benefit than traditional weight savings.
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Goat Herder
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Dec 1, 2014
Upstate NY
Less shock load prone failure. A tube will absorb more twist prior to fracture than a rod. And I don't believe this a 'boutique' type sales pitch to convince someone to buy their product.

If you disagree then that OK, but I'll say that I respectfully disagree.
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Rt Jam

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Mar 30, 2020
Ontario Canada
I have zero opinion on gun drilled axles. The cost makes this something I will never pursue in my level of play. A tube vs rod may be true in some applications. I am a big fan of weight savings but this are things I've read on Mark Williams and Strange's website.

According to the 2 leading axle manufacturers. Gun drilling, in the same size axle, does not make it stronger. On their website, it shows a lower torque rating in the same diameter. So I see this ONLY as a benefit if you are restricted to a particular size, need to save weight and are willing to spend and the finished product will still be strong enough. The rest of us will just get a bigger diameter axle shaft.

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