MONTE CARLO Lighting issues


Oct 18, 2018
My Monte Carlo has a luxury sport header panel. A while back I switched my turn signal bulbs to LED. That caused issues so I replaced the blinker relays and that fixed the problem although my turn signal lights in the dashboard would stay dimly lit when the lights were on. I could live with that. More recently, I changed my headlight bulbs to LED. Man what a difference! BUT now the turn signal bulbs don’t actually blink when I put the turn signals on. Everything inside the cockpit acts like they are working fine, but outside, they just remain off or as fog lights or whatever they do. Any ideas on how to fix this so that everything works properly?


Royal Smart Person
Mar 9, 2016
South Florida
Grounds! Make sure your wiring harness is grounded correctly at the lights, upgrade/check your ground straps, battery to fender, battery to engine, engine to firewall, etc. That firewall ground seems to coincide with instrument panel glitches especially, but if you don't have a good ground from engine to negative on the battery it's basically useless.
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