CUTLASS Repro Cutlass hood side bumpers 22519473 available?


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Jan 2, 2006
Apparently Gbodyparts has "new" repro Cutlass hood side bumpers. Or new that I've noticed. They're unobtanium from GM. These have been needed for a long time, so it's good they're available. Unfortunately, if they look like this, I believe they'd be spotted a mile away as repros. I don't want to dig out my new NOS GM ones, but I do believe the part number is not present on the bumpers themselves. Reason being is they are from a single LONG piece of rubber and are cut to length, approx. 3/4" give or take. It's not like they were molded in little molds. They simply made one long piece of bumper and cut it into chunks, like a slice of baloney. Just wondering if anyone has purchased these to see if they actually molded the part number into the bumper and if they actually fit properly. They will be fairly tight against the fender when new. That number just seems dumb.

Oh, and one more thing. They STILL can't get them right. There's about an 1/4" or thereabouts hole drilled through the top of them as they are NOT solid. If you buy them, you need to sand off the numbers on the side (assuming they're raised) and drill a hole in them to look correct. Fitment is a whole nuther issue.


Here's an old original one I got leftover from the 84 H/O resto. I looked at the 85 originals while out in the shop and it has the same ones. No numbers and a hole.

Reproduction G-body Olds Hood Side Bumper 1.jpg
Reproduction G-body Olds Hood Side Bumper 2.jpg
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