Sanderson headers hit and miss quality

Is this acceptable and expected on a set of headers?

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Oct 14, 2008
Ok, so as you can see, my headers look like sh*t. DoubleV on here got 3 bad sets but he has the worst luck I have ever seen. I got 3 good sets and one was the exact same, uncoated O351 Oldsmobile V8 shorty header. All my other sets were decent. I don't know if Sanderson itself would have taken them back and the extra $20 spent directly through them would have been worthwhile. Here is the response from Century Performance.

Hello Christian:

These are typical of a raw metal, plain steel header set.

Any additional prep work that would be performed by Sanderson on a ceramic coated set is left up to the customer. This is why the plain steel headers are substantially less expensive than the coated ones.

The collector reducers are merely weld points for the under chassis exhaust piping. When the piping is fitted to the reducer it is common that a good portion of the reducer will be marked and cut off. This is normal. It would only be after fitting the down pipes that the welds are cleaned up (if desired), depending on the customer’s need for the application.

If port matching is desired by the customer they are free to do so, even though it will provide virtually zero benefit on a street application. If the application is more race or performance-oriented where an engine will spend considerably time over 4,500 RPM then a header designed for that sort of use should be used. Sanderson offers street rod, muscle car, and swap headers where the intended use fits the needs of those customers. I would offer that if this engine is making fair horsepower (400-450) and spending most of its operating time below 4,000 RPM, and the engine was dyno tested with the headers in their current form and then again after port matching, the difference would be minimal if anything at all.

Best Regards,

Samuel A. Solace – Pres/CEO


Supporting Member
Apr 3, 2015
Spring, Texas
Sorry to see you ended up with headers you are unhappy with. We bought a set for Dad's Galaxie years ago. Quality was poor and there was no way they would fit.
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pontiac guy

G-Body Guru
Oct 28, 2016
Royse City, TX
I wouldn't be satisfied with that quality. Especially for what I assume you paid for them.

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