Sbc 350 exhaust ? W/ clamshell mounts


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Oct 26, 2021
Lost in the woods of NH
And no, this is a Chevy 350 casting ending in 0010 if that helps
Depending on which way you have clearance if you have an automatic transmission you can get so both sides of the shorties angle back fallowing the firewall, or you can go with an F body set that the left(driver’s side) goes down by the oil pan. May take a couple brands/styles ,ie: Hooker number XYZ doesn’t fit, but Hooker PQD looks the same but isn’t as close to the oil pan. They are a LOT of money, but Sanderson says they are guaranteed to fit first time. Helps that they are stainless. If anyone on here can give you the exact number they use to match your motor transmission setup. You’ll be in good shape. I went used so I don’t have numbers

D’s 86 cutty

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May 9, 2022
Hooker Super Competition full length headers cleared my factory clamshells on an '80 Malibu that I did back 30 years ago. It was a non AC car, and I removed the Power steering. Believe both of those options could be run with those headers, however.
Awesome! Thank you. I’ll be looking into getting those, specially if I can still run power steering which I plan on keeping. A/c I’m not worried about as it’s already gone and not much needed here in WA.

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