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Feb 25, 2017
Does anyone know if I can run 215 70/14 or maybe 235-60-14on my 79 Grand Prix I wanna run Cooper Cobra but they only come in 215 . 205 is what I have now, thanks!

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Sep 2, 2011
Cheektowaga, New York
Cannot speak as gospel truth on a Grand Prix but can say from experience a 215/70, 225/70, 235/60, 245/60-14 will fit on a 78-88 Monte Carlo, El Camino and Malibu with no problems.
My only issue on the 245/60 was on a 6 inch wide wheel you really had to watch the wear pattern and adjust air pressures to keep from wearing the centers of the tires out in the rear.
A 215/70 and 235/60 should give you about the same sidewall height as a 205/75-14. The 225/70 will be the tallest at about 26.250 inch diameter followed by the 245/60 @ 25.59, 235/60 @ 25.06, 215/70 @ 25.45, 205/70@ 25.35. Stock 195/75 were about 25.50 diameter while a 205/75 was about 26.00
These measurements according to Summit Racing web site.
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