GN Updated to hydroboost.

Chris Chow

Nov 16, 2017
Nor Cal
Dumped the powermaster system. After upgrading to the Blazer brakes, it uncovered a leaking powermaster system. Here are pics after the install. The downside is that there is a low pitched humming sound from the pump/hydroboost system. I also had to move the stock reservoir forward by about an inch to clear the new Wilwood MC. My ps pump is about a decade old. Probably needs to be replaced. First going to experiment with different feed and return lines and make sure all the air bubbles are purged from the ps fluid.

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Master Mechanic
Mar 20, 2008
Hydroboost booster looks like the one that came on 1984 and early 85 Turbo Regals.
Or at least that is what I put on mine. Works great.

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