1. M


    Can someone please point me in the right direction. I get air through my defrost but can’t change it. Iv done some reading but can’t pin point what’s actually worked. Which pieces in the picture below need to be replaced to get air to the dash vents???
  2. The Viking

    A/c evaporator to a/c dryer modification??

    Hello I’ve been reading this forums for years but never posted. I have an 80 Malibu that im in the middle of ls swapping. Im currently replacing the inner fenders with metal trailer fenders like project sand bagger, but im keeping the a/c. Side note i am repairing the front of the box with...
  3. Zone_4_Lanlord

    a/c blows hard on cold, but barely blows on hot

    My a/c blow hard with them temp selector on cold, but when i switch to heat it barely blows. Whats the cause of this? If its on heat, the more i move it to cold, the harder it blows. The heat is hot it just barely coming out of the vents. All vacuum lines are fixed, everything else works. it...
  4. M

    HELP Air condition line on ‘84 Monte

    I’m currently in the process of hooking everything back up after my recent engine/ transmission swap. I’m using all the stock A/C parts, but when taking everything apart I broke the line going from the condenser to the evaporator. I can’t seem to find a replacement ANYWHERE! If anybody knows a part...
  5. S


    Well next question is this. I only find replacement blower motors with ONE terminal. Mine has TWO TERMINALS, one for power I assume and one for ground. Since the housing it sits in is PLASTIC, how would a one terminal motor ground? Don't they also make two terminal blower motors? Anyone...
  6. S


    Anyone have the fuse block diagram or know what size fuse I should use for the BLOWER FAN? My fan stopped working when it burnt the ground terminal on the BLOWER SPEED MODULE pcb that sits inside the blower housing. I have the automatic climate control system with the soft touch membrane...
  7. S


    Hi all, my name is Steve. I am new to the forum. I have an '84 Buick Regal Limited as a daily driver with the V6. Today my blower motor fan shut down when I went to turn on the A/C. Again the GROUND wire terminal end on the PCB block (printed circuit assembly board that goes inside the...
  8. rmorman

    MONTE CARLO Frame Notch for G-body with Low A/C Compressor Mount

    Many moons ago I removed any and all parts to the factory A/C in my Monte. As I get older, I regret some of that. But, as we know, $$$ can remedy that. I saw back a couple years ago that a Buick guy from Arizona has adapted a Vintage Air kit that hides everything under the dash outside of the...
  9. Michael Farrell

    Constant Hot air out of vents? Help

    Hi All, finally got my car up and running but I'm noticing one issue, no matter where my temperature control is "hot" or cold, it blows hot air, Blower motor works on each speed and I can hear the vents open and close when I go from defrost to AC, but toggling between hot and cold I hear...
  10. Heavydutypete

    A/C delete??

    So I have an 86 Monte Carlo SS and it has the big ugly A/C heater box unit and I was wondering if I found a Monte Carlo that came with heat only I could swap it out, but I was wondering are there any other cars out there that I could take the heat only option from eg malibus or cutlasses or can...

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