1. Dezimade

    MALIBU 💀 Battery 🔋

    Riddle me this: car has been sitting in this cold *ss Boston winter 3 days. Pretty high tight this car But! I remember Popping in a battery about 2 years ago or less . Autozone at the time I said : that battery is all you got? So in a pinch I made the purchase. That said I jumped the car boom...
  2. C

    Battery charging problem

    Hello im sergio, new to this forum, i figured this would be the best place to ask about my cutlass’s problem. I have a 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham, the problem is a couple months ago the battery on the car died so i replaced the battery since also it was a really old battery , after...
  3. T

    Battery Draw on '79 Cutlass Supreme

    Hello everyone, I have a question for you guys. My 1979 Cutlass Supreme Brougham has something that is drawing power from the battery when the car is not running. If I drive the car everyday (which I usually do in the summer as it is my daily) it's fine, and fires up right away. But if I leave...
  4. liquidh8

    Pontiac battery hold down

    Ok guys, for the life of my I can't remember what these look like or how they mount. Most of my gbodies over the years have had the metal battery tray with the rubber block and 13mms bolt. The wheel wells I have have a slot,I believe it is a plastic strap, but I would love some pictures...
  5. B

    Interior lights staying on!!! Please help!!!

    I have a 1985 Monte Carlo SS. A while back all my interior lights began to stay on, so I pulled the bulbs, recently i changed my light switch and installed the dome light to test. The switch controlled it fine, and the doors allowed the light to come on and off when opening and closing. I...
  6. MalibuHacon

    New Alternator acts weird, and barely charges battery.

    Since the day i got my 1980 malibu classic about 4 months ago i've been having problem with the alternator not charging properly, it charged very bad, only good when the car was on choke... i replaced my battery a few months ago because a cell or two was bad, i didn't change much.. anyways, i...
  7. MalibuHacon

    Buzzer will randomly come on..

    On my 1980 Chevy Malibu the buzzer randomly comes on, and stays on! it is very loud and obnoxious, and i think it might be pulling some battery juice as well. It will disappear when I put my key in the ignition and turn it to the first click and turn on again once i take it out. It will get...

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