1. CrammerGram69

    NOS Pontiac Console (Not mine) eBay find.

    I Was scrolling eBay Looking for a 1978-81 Pontiac "Arrow" Hood Ornament (PM me if you have one) and found this, More than a Once in a lifetime find! I have seen other ones go up to $5-600 NOS. Usually without the Carpet...
  2. R

    Cutlass center console in Malibu

    has anyone fit a cutlass center console in a Malibu? If so how was it in terms of mounting it on?
  3. jwood1213

    Monte console upgrade

    I was thinking of changing out the factory console for one out of an F-body camaro/trans am, does anyone know the fabrication required to make it work?
  4. 80elky

    El camino floor shifter

    What is the process for switching a 1980 el camino from a bench seat/column shifter to a bucket seat/floor shifter setup? I really like the look of these and was considering making the change myself but I want to know what all it entails. And for those who have done it, what kind of seats and...
  5. CaliWagon83’s BC Cruiser Console

    CaliWagon83’s BC Cruiser Console

    CaliWagon83’s BC Cruiser Console
  6. CaliWagon83

    REGAL My Console Concept Doodle.

    I was bored last night, and sketched this out for the idea I eventually want to do for a custom console for my wagon. Would love to see yours, or any feedback. I know you guys can be brutal at times, but I'm ready. ;)
  7. 20180617_182509


  8. 20180502_205312


  9. CaliWagon83

    REGAL Non-shifter T-Type Console - Hard to Find?

    Hi Guys, So I'm on the fence about keeping the split bench or going with front buckets. I think I want to keep the column shifter, but am thinking about putting in a center console. I know a few T-Types were made with a column shifter and center console. Are these pieces hard to find, and...
  10. slowestmonte

    Putting 04-08 GP console/shifter in 88 Monte?

    Hey guys, I just put a set of 84 SS buckets into my originally bench seat column shift 88 Monte LS. I'm thinking about getting a console out of a newer Grand Prix, as I've seen them on here a few times before and I think they look real nice if done correctly. I know I'll have to fabricate a...

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