1. soloone87

    MONTE CARLO Featherlite fiberglass trunk lid (pin on) wind wobble?

    I recently got the trunk lid from Feather Light, and I'm worried about the trunk wobbling while I'm going down the road(from the wind). I'm using 6 Dzus pins (3 per side) and four on the fins (2 per side). I'm thinking of adding some 2-inch aluminum flat bars from the driver's side to the pass...
  2. S

    New Member on board.

    First GM, first G Body. I have always wanted an El Camino. So I got one. 1987 El Camino. Thanks for having me. My intentions are simple. Upgrade Rear Axle and suspension. Ladder Bars and Coil overs. Ford 9". T400 Trans built for kill, With a Brake. Front Suspension Upgrade with All...
  3. liquidh8

    78 Olds front lower air damn ideas

    Well, since the wagon is now in paint, it have to start thinking about what it am going to do for the lower air damn. Since it am running the LC2 engine, and using a precision stock location intercooler, it want to fab something up similar to the Grand National. Any one have any photo ideas...

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