1. M

    1984 H/O 307 Holley EFI Swap

    Hey guys, Anybody here ever swapped a Holley Sniper kit with the Ignition components (distributor, coil, Ignition box) for the Quadrajet on a 307 H/O? I'm aware of the challenges it encompasses ( CCC, Vacuum, TPS, etc.). I'm also aware of the fact that it won't make my 180hp 307 a 350 sbc so...
  2. GP403

    GBOTM Nov. '20 - Congrats Hurst so good! ("The New Guys")

    Congrats to "new guy" and winner of November's GBotM, Hurst so good.
  3. adhingra

    New 83 Hurst Olds

    Greetings! Here's my (new to me!) 83 HO which I scored last week: VEHICLE HISTORY: Dealership: Berejik Olds: (Huge performance shop / racing pedigree from back in the day run by George Berejik) 1st owner: Owned from 1983 to 1987...
  4. M

    1983 OLDS HURST 15th Anniversary

    HELLO 👋🏽 MY NAME IS MAZZI AND I MEED SOME HELP FROM MY G-BODY FAMILY I HAVE JUST PURCHASE A 1983 olds 15th Anniversary HURST YES THATS RIGHT I FOUND A 1-3001 HURST ...I HAVE A FEW QUESTIONS VIN - 1g3ak4792dmxxxxxx (last six ) privacy- I CHECKED & it's says it's a HURST ( Barn find ) BILL OF...
  5. 83hrstolds

    83' Hurst Olds vin

    Hello, this is my first post so hopefully it goes smooth. I recently bought an 83' Hurst Olds, everything seemed great up until now. I was doing some research on the vin and it doesn't have the 9 in the vin code, but when i run the vin it comes up as an 83' my first thought was i have a clone...
  6. G

    Hurst 4 Lever / Handle Lighting Rod Shifter

    I am New to this Site & Posting I have a Hurst Lighting Rod 4 Lever / Handle Shifter ! { Has 4 Long Levers / Handles . With Black Nobs & Push Buttons & a 5th Small Lever / Handle with R on it } Can Some One Please Help Me ? What Did they Come Out In ? What Are They Worth ? & Yes It Is For Sale...
  7. Tillrock

    1984 Hurst for Sale-Runs

    Located in MA, the nanny-state. Runs great, just over 100k miles. Original 307 and quadrajet; Hurst shifters work great. PM me for more info, will send pictures as well as more contact info, as well as answer any questions. Asking $5k. Firm price.
  8. Tillrock

    My new Hurst Project

    Hello there; I have pulled the trigger on an '84 Olds Hurst, that I'm extremely eager to begin. It has the original Olds 307 in it, which runs, but is a bit dirty. Anyways, I've posted a picture below. I think I can handle most of the interior work myself. It's not in bad shape. I realize I need...
  9. olds517

    Fixin' the '79 H/O

    I bought a 1979 H/O and the Gas, Oil, Temp and battery gauges don't work. When I unplug the connections for gas and temp gauge arm bounces to opposite side plug back in and it bounces back. my horn doesn't work and my blinkers did work but they stopped the hazards work I switched the hazard...
  10. GP403

    2016 Carlisle GM Nats Hurst/Olds Display Applications

    Tyler and the crew at Carlisle are looking for cars for next years Hurst/Olds display. The Hurst/Olds series of muscle cars represent some of the most unique and sought-after...

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