1. rmorman

    LED Headlights from Vision Industries

    Last week I was scrolling down Facebook and saw somebody mention these guys. They have an LED headlight that, according to them, looks like stock. I like that idea as the aftermarket ones I've seen look too "modern" for my 3rd Gen Monte. I've been trying to find information online as to how...
  2. CaliWagon83

    Anyone have Digi-Tails LED lights?

    Any of you guys have these on your car? Look pretty cool. Thinking of getting them. https://digi-tails.com/1982-87-el-camino-led-tail-light-panels-wled-reverse
  3. oldmansmonte

    Interior lighting suggestions

    I really should have made a build thread years ago, but anyways.... When I drive my car at night, I don't know if it's that dark blue interior, but it's totally dark from your knees down. It's pitch black. I don't remember my old '88 Monte being like that. If a passanger dropped something it...
  4. liquidh8

    New Vintage USA (NVU) Gauges and Indicators

    Has anyone used this company? www.newvintageusa.com I am looking to get their indicator panel and gauge for the wagon. I really hate just having unlabeled LEDs on the dash for different functions. And, having unlabeled switches for things. It won't be super cheap I am sure, but it would be...
  5. liquidh8

    How To: Station Wagon and El Camino Digi-Tails LED Taillights

    We all know that the 78-87 El Camino, and 78-83 G-body wagon, have low and difficult to see taillights. Compared to today’s vehicles with high mounted, and bright, LED taillights, these old G-body lights need some help to keep the preoccupied driver behind aware that you are stopping or...
  6. Injectedcutty


    To all the cutlass owners, i am trying to get some traction on whether yall would buy a set of digi-tails led taillights. Matt at digi-tails said if they have a big enough interest they could get the ball rolling on production. I posted a poll to vote on them and when the poll ends i will send...
  7. Injectedcutty


    To all the cutlass/cutlass supreme owners here....ive been told by matt at digi-tails that if they get enough requests that they could possibly get a set of led lights going for the g body cutlass!!!! For those who want to upgrade to led just email digi-tails with your vehicle info and they will...
  8. Injectedcutty


    Alright guys im at my wit's end. Through the process of redoing my cutlass i am upgrading all the lights to leds, turn signals, brake, etc. I have already swapped out to the electronic led flashers, but when i hit the signal either left or right both sides flash!! I have ensured that 1157 bulbs...

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