1. SwggMsthh

    New user dtx

    Wassup y’all, got my gbody last year(2022) in May from an auction here in south dallas for $2,100 on a last second search for a vehicle to use daily. Safe to say I got lucky. Been working on it ever since as I drive my gbody everyday. I’ll post all the work details and parts I’ve put into it...
  2. Dezimade

    MALIBU Alternator

    looking for a performance alternator Non serpentine. For now. I like the Black Matt I see but in new at this electronics. So can I get one ? Dez
  3. 78Delta88


  4. Art Shot

    Art Shot

  5. Daddy


    1979 Malibu 🇺🇸 Coupe
  6. T

    3.5" Front Speakers - 81 Malibu

    Hello Gents! My father and I are working on an 81 Malibu Classic Coupe. We are doing a number of updates / upgrades but one of them is the front 3.5" speakers. I purchased some JBL 6x9's for the back and 3.5" speakers for up front. Based on what we can see as other people have said, we...
  7. ThePatriot

    What is my 1980 Malibu Classic worth?

    I have one of those hard, no absolute right answer questions that have likely been asked many times before but the answers are market/time driven. What is my 1980 Malibu Classic worth? She’s been in the family since 1988 and one of my most treasured cars, but the time has come to thin the herd...
  8. OT903

    ISO rear window filler panel

    Can someone point me in direction for 1979 Malibu coupe rear window filler panel
  9. R

    Cutlass center console in Malibu

    has anyone fit a cutlass center console in a Malibu? If so how was it in terms of mounting it on?
  10. J. Gregorio

    Malibú 4x4 AWD - Can you do off-road? - I leave a photo of a Beautiful Big B00TY hahaha

    ENGLISH / INGLÉS: Malibu 4x4 AWD - Can you do off-road? Is it easy to install front differential and all other off road systems from a 1999 thru 2002 Chevy Blazer to a 1983 Malibu Classic 4 Door? Here I leave a photo of a Beautiful Big B00TY hahaha SPANISH / ESPAÑOL: Malibu 4x4 AWD: ¿puedes...
  11. J. Gregorio

    How's a th200 4R going in a V6 231 3.8L Chevy?

    Hi guys! I have a 1983 Chevy Malibu Classic 4 door, equipped with a 3.8L 231 V6 engine and I am thinking of changing the Transmission Th350 for a Th2004r (4 Speed). Has anyone tried this setup? Greetings from Venezuela🌴
  12. GP403

    GBOTM Oct. '20 - Congrats ranllett!

    By a nose in a tie-breaker vote... its ranlletts Malibu! Congrats!


    Anyone have a holley street dominator on there chevrolet v6 with a holley 4360 "economizer" 4bbl. I cant seem to find a carb mounting gasket that will seal? Any help would be great. Itsva spreadbore set up. Thank you in advance.
  14. Nick1979

    Vent Window Rubber

    Hey guys just got a 1979 Malibu wagon not too long ago. Trying to get all the weatherstrips in order and I've been having trouble finding anything on the back vent windows. Got some vent windows out of a 82 4 door but they are about an inch shorter than the ones for wagons and the holes along...
  15. MariaMalibu

    Malibu Classic 1979

    Hi I'm Maria and I'm from Sweden. I don't have any big plans with my Malibu but it's still interesting (maybe mostly for me) to write what's happening with the car Story behind it is that a friend's uncle died and my friend asked me if I wanted to buy his Malibu. I just sold my El Camino 1968...
  16. 81MalibuMan

    Rear door panel removal in an 81' Malibu

    The other day something broke inside my rear driver side door so I'm unable to unlock the door and keep it shut. So far I got all 3 screws that are visible on the inside of the door. Not sure where to go from here to take a look behind the panel.
  17. 20190828_085413.jpg


  18. Injectedcutty


    I was checking out instagram, and it looks like somebody posted your car for Malibu Monday! Looks awesome!!!!
  19. R

    Stock v6 Malibu wagon exhaust

    Does anyone have pictures of their factory exhaust exit and size on a Malibu wagon. Thanks
  20. CaliWagon83

    MALIBU Hot Rod Garage: '79 Malibu Ultimate Sleeper Video

    Unfortunately, you have to have a subscription to view the video, but there's a preview of it on Facebook. Here's the link if you have a subscription to Motor Trend on Demand:

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