1. R

    Stock v6 Malibu wagon exhaust

    Does anyone have pictures of their factory exhaust exit and size on a Malibu wagon. Thanks
  2. CaliWagon83

    MALIBU Hot Rod Garage: '79 Malibu Ultimate Sleeper Video

    Unfortunately, you have to have a subscription to view the video, but there's a preview of it on Facebook. Here's the link if you have a subscription to Motor Trend on Demand:
  3. T


    any ls gbodies roller or stock swaps on here for sale ?? Al/Ga/Fl/Miss/Tenn area
  4. Milton

    need interior trim also.

    1980 Malibu. Looking for rear quarter window 2 piece trim and B pillar trim, any color as long as it is solid. Thanks
  5. M

    '79 Malibu giving me headaches

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum so first off thanks for having me! I'm having a few problems with my Malibu that I picked up in February. I've done a few mods since then. I've put on headers, mufflers, 650 summit carb and intake. With all this effort I still have some underlying problems. 1. I...
  6. LeMansGrande

    '78 Grand LeMans: Help locating a few parts?

    So, hello everyone! I'm new to the forum, since I recently obtained a 1978 Grand LeMans (hence the totally original ID) with a 305, and its almost fully loaded... but its still missing a couple options that I'd like, and others that just need to be replaced. It's all minor trim, but hey...
  7. Grantman

    New to GBF (1979 Chevy Malibu)

    Hi everyone, I just liberated my grandmother's 1979 Chevy Malibu coupe from its garage down in Seaford, Delaware, where it sat for the last 22 years. It's the classic grandma's car: 3.3L V6, AT, AM radio, manual windows and locks - and only used to drive around town. The only option it has is...
  8. MalibuHacon

    Engine Temperature Gauge not working

    My temp gauge is stuck in the lowest possible reading all the time, i have the sport dash with the temp, volt, and oil gauge in a 1980 Malibu. I looked through some videos on youtube and everybody suggested that a ground wire on the engine-block was usually the cause when gauge is stuck at...
  9. Beatx4

    1979 Malibu electric antenna escutcheon

    Hello, I have a question regarding the optional electric antenna, I wasn't sure if I should post this in the electrical forum or body and trim so please feel free to move this if and as necessary. Several years a go I decided I wanted to repair or replace the original broken electric antenna. I...
  10. Beatx4

    1979 Malibu "A Body" pulse delay wiper conversion

    Hello, first off let me apologize for creating a new and rather lengthy thread on a delay wiper conversion, I have browsed through various posts and utilized the search feature of this form. I find a lot of information regarding the conversion for an 80 and later conversion with the single green...
  11. Jonathan Flores

    New user 1978 Malibu

    Just bought a 1978 Chevy Malibu 2nd owner 80k miles , open too any advice thank you !
  12. S

    Need a rear end for my 1980 Malibu, are all G-Body rears swappable.

    The 7.5 rear end in my '80 Malibu Coupe needs a rebuild. I'd like to just swap in a complete functioning rear-end from a donor car to keep my car running and driving while I go through the process of rebuilding the original rear-end. Are all G-Body rear ends swappable, or do I need to look for a...
  13. M

    1978-1988 GM A/G-Body Wiring Diagram for Security System

    I have a 1986 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS and I just bought an Avital alarm system that I intend to install myself. I need to know what wires to splice or tap for the starter, horn, lights, door switches, electric locks, and electric trunk release. I've installed audio equipment numerous times in...
  14. E

    81 Malibu Classic Heater Troubles

    Hello, I have a 1981 Malibu Classic that had the 4.3 v6 and upgraded it to a small block 350. I took out all the smog and emmisions. When I did this i still had heat, but it wouldn't switch over from vents to defrost and etc. That was fine, but I would like to know how to fix that. But that's...
  15. S

    1980 Malibu Auto to Manual conversion w/ '92 S15 donor?

    I want to convert my 1980 Malibu project to a manual transmission. The car currently has the original TH200 and a swapped 305 SBC. I found a 1992 GMC S15 Sonoma with a factory 5-speed V6 but it's far away and I'd like to know if it's a feasible swap before I look at it. I don't know the...
  16. Mike buttafuoco

    Hello motor heads!

    Been on this site for about a week and love helping out all gear heads with anything and everything! I'm looking forward to networking. My current ride is a 79' malibu that I am trying to sell unfortunately because I have been building an LS powered monte in my head for about 10 years. My...
  17. MalibuHacon

    Chevrolet Malibu: Rear Axle/Diff problem

    Last week I had my car through inspection and the car got one fault "right rear, wheel bearing". And so I was happy to know I only had this one thing to fix. I read up on how to replace a wheel bearing of course, however upon getting to pull out my rear right axle part (the one you mount the...
  18. MotoringArtist

    Regain a little that was taken away

    This build came about as a gesture by some friends, family, and other car nuts. I have severe health issues stemming from Crohn's diseases with induced Rheumatoid arthritus. I draw photo realistic pencil art of muscle cars and classics as a way to cope. I spent most of last yr in the hospital...
  19. mwa206

    How I got my dream car for free....ish.

    Hey guys first post. As I'm just starting to restore my car I figure I'll be on here a lot so I wanted to introduce myself. My name is mwa206 and my whole life practically I've wanted a 79 Malibu wagon. I've had several other g-body's before but this is the one I've always wanted. It started...
  20. MalibuHacon

    New Alternator acts weird, and barely charges battery.

    Since the day i got my 1980 malibu classic about 4 months ago i've been having problem with the alternator not charging properly, it charged very bad, only good when the car was on choke... i replaced my battery a few months ago because a cell or two was bad, i didn't change much.. anyways, i...

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