1. Sweet_Johnny

    FOR SALE 2003 Grand Am- What Parts to Pull?

    2003 Pontiac Grand Am I can get ANYTHING from this car excluding the following: radio, speakers, Monsoon amp & wiring, wheels/tires. It was running and driving until wrecked. Power windows/ locks/ mirrors/ sunroof. Engine and transmission-high mileage, can't store. Drilled/slotted discs, rack/pinion...
  2. G

    New Ringbrothers Billet Hood Hinge Kits Now Available for '78-'88 G-Bodies

    Ringbrothers has announced its new G-Body Hood Hinge Kits! Precision machined from aerospace-grade 6061-T6 billet aluminum, the hood hinges are direct bolt-on upgrades for GM G-Body cars. Designed for use as a direct replacement, the Ringbrothers hood hinges require no modifications for...
  3. Nick1979

    Vent Window Rubber

    Hey guys just got a 1979 Malibu wagon not too long ago. Trying to get all the weatherstrips in order and I've been having trouble finding anything on the back vent windows. Got some vent windows out of a 82 4 door but they are about an inch shorter than the ones for wagons and the holes along...
  4. H33ZY

    Things to have in Stock

    Hey Guys, like i've said before i will be in the US end of April for a couple of days and now i'm trying to think of stuff for my Monte Carlo i should buy to take home with me so i can safe on Shipping costs etc. I'm thinking about small parts like wheel bearings, spark plug wires and such ...
  5. CaliWagon83

    Error message on

    Am I the only one that gets an error message on I'm wondering if there's something I'm doing wrong, or if there's a trick to get it to submit correctly. Any tips or advice appreciated.
  6. CaliWagon83

    Heads-up: eBay Merchant with LOTS of NOS parts!

    Hey Guys! Thought I'd share this with you. I've been looking for some door pull screw covers. I came across these on eBay, and it seems like the merchant has a large selection of GM NOS parts, including a lot of G-Body stuff. Just thought I'd share:
  7. CaliWagon83

    Call for better parts support for wagons from vendors

    I don't want to come across as a whiner, but please indulge my brief rant/plea to the aftermarket to improve support for G-Body wagons. I know they're a much smaller market than the coupes, so from an economics/business perspective, I understand why the coupes get the lion's share of attention...
  8. LeMansGrande

    '78 Grand LeMans: Help locating a few parts?

    So, hello everyone! I'm new to the forum, since I recently obtained a 1978 Grand LeMans (hence the totally original ID) with a 305, and its almost fully loaded... but its still missing a couple options that I'd like, and others that just need to be replaced. It's all minor trim, but hey...
  9. Roberto

    Monte Carlo parts wanted!! ASAP

    I swapped a sbc 350 into my 86 Cutlass and I need some parts in order to finish it. Clutch fan and fan Crank pulley and water pump pulley Dual pulley power steering pump with all 3 brackets attached Upper radiator hose
  10. TheWagoon

    Need help finding parts.

    Hello, Im quite new to this forum. I recently bought a 1983 Chevy Malibu Classic Station Wagon and I had noticed the fuel gauge was a tad broken. Now we have a dropped the tank and found out that the Fuel Sending Unit is bust. Now I have been looking everywhere I can think of for this darn unit...
  11. LukeZ

    Aluminum parts - where to get em, used or aftermarket

    Hey all, I did a quick search here on the forum and on Google. Didn't find much. Other than finding a donor car (not an option, forget it lol), anyone know the best place to find aluminum parts? I know as far as wheels, intake, heads, etc, I could buy from any auto shop or store. Im talking...
  12. 79Lemans

    79 Grand LeMans

    Needing a few parts for my grand Lemans, like the trunk Cover that sides open... RH side blinker and the Rear Trim Panels. thanks !!
  13. A

    find QUALITY vacuum schematic for 88' custom cruiser

    needles to say the manuals of today are confusing at best. from 1987 to 1988 olds changed the vacuum set up, I have both cars but have let mechanics mess around and now there is no telling what the stock arrangement should be. I have been on line for an hour with NO success in finding a clear...
  14. Ben

    Building the cutlass

    So, I'm trying to figure out some parts to get, what brands to do, and what to put in my car. I daily drive it, but I want to put parts in that can with stand speed and being beat on. I got prices for stock replacements (not all parts I need) on I'm looking to daily the car, but...
  15. MotoringArtist

    Regain a little that was taken away

    This build came about as a gesture by some friends, family, and other car nuts. I have severe health issues stemming from Crohn's diseases with induced Rheumatoid arthritus. I draw photo realistic pencil art of muscle cars and classics as a way to cope. I spent most of last yr in the hospital...
  16. eddie12870


    Looking for 1980 Grand Am parts.

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