1. CaliWagon83

    Keep '78-'83 Style Radio, or Go 1.5 DIN?

    Would like some advice and input from you guys in terms of doing an interior facelift on the wagon. '83 was the last year of the wagon, and it has the older-style '78-'83 gauges and center stack. I already have an '84-'87 style gauge cluster and bezel, which is required to fit the Dakota Digital...
  2. smartinez886

    Setting Station Presets

    So i have an ‘85 Cutlass Supreme with the stock radio on it (GM-Delco) and could not figure out how to set a station preset so i can easily flip through stations when i need to.Below is a photo from the internet of the exact radio i have. If anyone could hep that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. 20180502_205312


  4. ugly 78 elky

    radio ignition noise of death and destruction

    ive tried everything to kill this popping in my speakers coming from my ignition system including all new ignition components (plugs, wires, cap, and rotor, cheap stuff....), butt loads of grounds placed here and there, radio noise filter, ignition box noise filter capacitor from msd...
  5. oldmansmonte

    What radio do you have in your G-body?

    Curious about this one. I've got a 350 with great sounding exhaust, like a lot of us do. I practically don't need the radio at all, the car sings it's own tune. And it's always a hit. However since I like to have radio in case there's a sports game on, the rare occasion I do want music or if I...
  6. R

    radio loses power when I turn on headlights.

    We've tried to wire the radio a few different ways including the correct way according to wire diagram. However everytime I turn the headlights on the radio loses power. Total power like you disconnect the presets and all. It is an aftermarket cd player that I took out of another...
  7. AlBreland

    wanted 1.5 Din radio with minimum dvd and bluetooh

    I'm searching online for a radio that will fit my 1.5 din grand prix dash and has at least a dvd palayer and is bluetooth compatible....anybody know of one. I found one but it didn't have a very good review on the mounting brackets. I'm thinking I may get one and let the experts install...
  8. GP403

    Retrosound Newport

    Anyone have any experience with this little puppy? I'm looking to replace the radio in Old Blue Hair, since the left channel is completely out, and saw this. 1.5 DIN, supposedly does bluetooth, has additional outs for amps etc. Either green or red lighting.... Looks kinda-sorta-maybe...

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