rear end

  1. Z

    MONTE CARLO How does a 7.5 rear end die?

    I've heard that with the 10 bolts rear ends the axles will walk out and destroy your car with them. I was wondering if this is true for the 7.5 as well. I'm current building a 84 monte carlo ss that's gonna have around 450ish crank hp with a 350 sbc. And I want to know if just sending the rear...
  2. 7

    Rear end

    Will a 8.5 bolt in to replace a 7.5 rear end im trying to plan out my next move. Also if so what car can I pull a 8.5 rear end out off? I’m trying to be able to do some burnouts here and there and maybe a few donuts once a year haha anyways thanks in advance I’m going to be askin a bunch of...
  3. Joeymartin7

    Pinion Angle

    I have a 1980 El Camino with a crate 350, TH350 and 7.5 10 bolt. I broke the Pinion gear over the past weekend and I am going to go ahead and do the Ford 9" rear end swap. Question??? What is the correct Pinion Angle for this car? First time G Body owner needing some advice. I know on my...
  4. LukeZ

    7.5" rear end gears

    I got a nice chunk of cash for my birthday and I was thinking of putting it towards my car. I'd like to to get a lower set of gears for the rear end. Right now I have a 7.5" open rear with 2.56 gears. It's all stock. I also have a 200R4 with overdrive. Two things; first, is changing the ring...
  5. S

    Need a rear end for my 1980 Malibu, are all G-Body rears swappable.

    The 7.5 rear end in my '80 Malibu Coupe needs a rebuild. I'd like to just swap in a complete functioning rear-end from a donor car to keep my car running and driving while I go through the process of rebuilding the original rear-end. Are all G-Body rear ends swappable, or do I need to look for a...
  6. oldmansmonte

    Before I spend big $$$, does anyone have a rear end for sale?

    Hey guys, doing my rear end project this spring(in the next month hopefully). Doing away with the stock 7.5 with 2.41 gears(I know I know). As far as a new build I've eyeballed a for 9 inch built by Quick performance. Going 3.73 gears and such. However I figured I'd check before a spend just...
  7. MalibuHacon

    Chevrolet Malibu: Rear Axle/Diff problem

    Last week I had my car through inspection and the car got one fault "right rear, wheel bearing". And so I was happy to know I only had this one thing to fix. I read up on how to replace a wheel bearing of course, however upon getting to pull out my rear right axle part (the one you mount the...
  8. Heavydutypete

    Trick flow 10 bolt rear cover

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone out there has used one of these trick flow covers (tfs-8510300) I was doing some research and I was wondering why they say it won't fit Buick or olds 8.5" rears. They say something about metric mounting hardware, but I was wondering if the 10 bolt cover holes...
  9. LukeZ

    7.5 to 8.5 rear

    hey guys, I just need a list of parts that I need to buy in order to do a swap for my 86 SS El Camino, which has a 7.5in 2.56:1 rear, all stock. I want to upgrade to an 8.5in, or maybe 9in, so this is what I think I need so far. I need to buy this and give t all to a shop so they can install...

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