1. Pharozen

    Oldsmobile SS Wheels and White Letter Tires

    Brand new Cooper Cobra Tires. 235-60-14 and Refurbished SS II Wheels. I had every intention on using these on my 1979 Calais project but I just learned that I must have a 15inch wheel because I upgraded my calipers and disc brakes. I refurbished these wheels myself, found all of the missing...
  2. CaliWagon83’s New 195/75-14 Tires

    CaliWagon83’s New 195/75-14 Tires

    CaliWagon83’s New 195/75-14 Hankook Optimo Tires
  3. KndyBludRedMC

    Will These 20's Fit?

    New Guy Here. My name is Mario and I would appreciate your input. Question on fitment of 20 inch Eagle Alloys for my 1978 Monte Carlo with stock suspension. Got a friend offering me some 20x8.5 wheels with 5x4.75 bolt circle, 5.264 backspace and a +14.00mm offset. Tires are 245/45r20...
  4. yennchi45

    What size wheels and tires do you have

    What size wheels and tires are yall running and pictures if you have them please
  5. P


    what off set rims do i need to fit a 255/60/15 drag slick into my 1987 grand prix it has all stock suspension i was told 255 will fit but i need a certain offset does anybody know?
  6. P

    87 gp tire size

    i am wondering what the largest size tire is that i can fit on my car as in the side wall not being to tall that it would rub and the widest i can fit all stock suspension for now
  7. B

    New to G body's. Need wheel/tire help.

    So I recently bought a 79 Regal roller for $300 and I'm hoping I can make her great again. The wheels on it now are all thin rally wheels and I need to have it at least LOOK half decent. I want to do Cragar soft 8s all around, but I'm afraid to order the wheels in case I make a miscalculation...

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