1. R

    Biggest Rear Tires Stock 85 Monte Carlo SS

    Looking for the biggest tires I can fit on rear end of stock 85 monte carlo ss. Will be getting a 383 swap in the future so planning on buying new rims and tires now. Got recommended that 15x8 with 3.5" backspacing rims will fit with 295/50/15 Cooper Cobras to match. Will this fit on stock...
  2. jwood1213

    MONTE CARLO Rim question

    Hello everyone, I'm currently looking for new rims and tires and wanted some advice. I currently have 18 inch chrome IROC replicas that slightly scrape on the frame up front if I turn the wheel completely in both directions. I'm not the biggest fan of the stock rally rims that we have in the...
  3. Reddzedd

    Malibu wagon maximum stock tire size?

    I'm sure this exact same question has been asked previously, but I've been trying to find concrete answers to no avail. I'm looking to buy some aftermarket wheels for my '78 wagon. It's completely stock at the moment (no notches, stock ride height, fenders not rolled, stock rear end width, no...
  4. CaliWagon83’s New 195/75-14 Tires

    CaliWagon83’s New 195/75-14 Tires

    CaliWagon83’s New 195/75-14 Hankook Optimo Tires
  5. KndyBludRedMC

    Will These 20's Fit?

    New Guy Here. My name is Mario and I would appreciate your input. Question on fitment of 20 inch Eagle Alloys for my 1978 Monte Carlo with stock suspension. Got a friend offering me some 20x8.5 wheels with 5x4.75 bolt circle, 5.264 backspace and a +14.00mm offset. Tires are 245/45r20...
  6. yennchi45

    What size wheels and tires do you have

    What size wheels and tires are yall running and pictures if you have them please
  7. P


    what off set rims do i need to fit a 255/60/15 drag slick into my 1987 grand prix it has all stock suspension i was told 255 will fit but i need a certain offset does anybody know?
  8. P

    87 gp tire size

    i am wondering what the largest size tire is that i can fit on my car as in the side wall not being to tall that it would rub and the widest i can fit all stock suspension for now
  9. B

    New to G body's. Need wheel/tire help.

    So I recently bought a 79 Regal roller for $300 and I'm hoping I can make her great again. The wheels on it now are all thin rally wheels and I need to have it at least LOOK half decent. I want to do Cragar soft 8s all around, but I'm afraid to order the wheels in case I make a miscalculation...

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