1. soloone87

    MONTE CARLO Featherlite fiberglass trunk lid (pin on) wind wobble?

    I recently got the trunk lid from Feather Light, and I'm worried about the trunk wobbling while I'm going down the road(from the wind). I'm using 6 Dzus pins (3 per side) and four on the fins (2 per side). I'm thinking of adding some 2-inch aluminum flat bars from the driver's side to the pass...
  2. jwood1213

    88 Trunk Interior

    Hi all, I’m in the middle of restoring an 88 SS, and I’m looking to replace the part of the trunk that the lid closes in front of. I’ve heard people call it the rear body panel or the taillight panel. I’ll attach a picture, but I also want to replace the metal lip that is under the trunk‘s...
  3. Swindells

    Trunk lid corners dropped

    Trying to adjust the trunk lid And I understand the 2 hinge bolts to adjust the front and back and twist if necessary But along the back window of the trunk It’s flush in the centre and the trunk lid drops on each corner around 3/16 - 1/4 inch Any tips on how to lift just the corners? I’ve...

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