1980 El Camino cowl tag

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May 6, 2022
Hello, ive managed to recently purchase a 1980 El camino and having issues finding most of the cowl tag codes. Im mainly interested in what is the name or a close to the original paint so i can repaint it that color eventually, I know its gray but cant figure out the exact name. Any information of these codes will help, thanks.


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Jan 2, 2006
80- 1980 model year.
07D- 4th week of July build target week
1AW80 - 2-door delivery truck El Camino
R- Arlington, TX GMAD assembly plant
171338 - Fisher Body sequence number. Would match up with build cards, if any. Not related with VIN.
(I think the first number is a 7??) 79V - Interior color code. 79- Claret, aka maroon. V- Vinyl (If the first number is a 2, it's 29, which is dark blue.)
85L, 85U- Lower and Upper body colors. 85- Gray (WA7101)
L- Lacquer
A52- Bench Seat
164679- Mystery internal number. Likely for internal tracking for the body plant for marrying pieces/parts of body panels. Nobody I know has definitively figured this one out. No use once body was built.

That's my best shot.
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