1980 Malibu V8 4 speed. 1 of 124. Sell?


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Dec 18, 2005
Ontario, Canada
Very good description you gave. From what I see production numbers for the US was 202 and production numbers for Canada was 124. So overall production of V8 with 4 speed should be 326. Where they were shipped and sold nobody knows. This one obviously went to the US based on the invoice. I would guess the original buyer for the specifically based on how well option it is.
On the Canadian reports from Vintage Vehicle Services, it shows all of the original RPO codes for the car, as well as what those codes are. It also shows the actual production date for the car, the plant where it was built, and the dealership where the car was shipped after being built. Your car is quite well optioned-a good find for anyone. The dealership where the car I have was originally shipped, was not the original selling dealer. The previous owner of my car passed along a copy of the invoice for the car to its original owner. Having this paperwork, is a big help in preserving the history of any car.
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Feb 2, 2022
Yes I have the documentation from Canada and also the original invoice. Was shipped to Massachusetts and I have some paperwork in the glove box for the owner who purchased it in Massachusetts. The original owner.


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Oct 20, 2018
That is a really cool steering wheel , I don't think I have seen that one before .


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Oct 14, 2008
Gainesville, Fl
Buick used it on their A bodies and H bodies. The colored versions are from them. I don't think you could get any color other than black on a Chevrolet.
I used to have the Buick version of that wheel which came off of a Buick Apollo with bucket seats and console. Of course they were also on the various GS models.
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