2004r 3-4 WOT


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Oct 25, 2019
Colorado Springs, CO
To be fair though, shifting to OD, especially the .67 ratio of the 2004r, never makes much sense to me. Nobody is shifting their 1000 hp turbo LS combos to OD when they are wide open in front of 4l80's, nobody shifts their t56 into 5th gear (1st OD) at wide open short of someone with a vette who wants to cruise at 140mph and not rev to 7000rpm for hours on end.

The only case I can see OD at WOT as a valid use on a 2004r is if you have one with a 4000rpm shift speed due to it having a granny governor and trans is not actually letting the engine spin higher so it shifts to OD. A 4000 rpm governor makes sense behind a smogger 305 or 307 that actually runs out of breath at that RPM, but if you have any head work, intake manifold or a never engine like an LS or LT your peak power is going to be more near 6000rpm anyways so letting the engine spin is going to make the power and negate the need to be in OD and WOT.

I disagree with this when referencing the 4L80 as it has a very usable .75 OD. It's not that big a kick in the nuts when it hits. We had an old 6.5 turbo diesel truck that would max 3rd gear out at 75 and my 1500 runs out of 3rd at 110. The 200R4 I can't speak to at all, I know the 4L80 is all clutches and bb proof.


Apr 3, 2015
Spring, Texas

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