MONTE CARLO 6x9 Rear Speaker Upgrade


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Jul 15, 2008
Livonia, New York
I'm getting around to doing the 6x9 rear speaker upgrade ....I've ordered the conversion brackets and they'll be here this's where I need your help, which speakers to buy. I'm looking for the best speakers I can get that won't hit the rods in the trunk. I'm ok if they rub or sit on them..... thanks is advance and pics are great too :)


Aug 8, 2011
IMO those 6 x 9 adapters suck and you create more clearance issues using them, for me I always cut a notch just below the rear deck so they sit flush this eliminates issues with the rods, mine slide into the slot and they only need 2 screws to secure them and the notch is covered by the rear seat.


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Jul 17, 2007
Infinity Kappa 3 way 6x9's here. Even with the back seat notch they will still just barely wedge under the trunk rods. Not cheap but they thump pretty good and come with Capacitors pre-wired. However I also have 2x10"s in a box and running 3 separate amplifiers in the trunk and it all just fits on the ledge.
I put 6 - 4x6 Pioneers in my Safari work van and no matter what I do they sound "tinny" to me. Going with Kappas again for my bucket truck when I get around to it. I use JayZ "Hard Knock Life" for tuning. It's got a good vocal and music range with a bunch of Bass. Fleming would be the guru for this stuff though. I'm nothing but a hack who is going deaf from listing to music way too loud for too long.
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