700R4 with column shifter????'s



Apr 9, 2017
Las Vegas, Nevada
I found a couple interesting threads on this subject. The first one has a post about half way down the first page by a member named Scorpion. He shows and details how he would modify the stop on the shift gate to allow for more movement.

I found this option in another forum thread explaining how he made up a whole new shift rod. but needed to fix the shift gate.

"I went and bought a piece of 5/16-24 threaded rod and utilized a bunch of pieces from the lokar kit. I made three bends in the threaded rod, one to get past the firewall and two others to get over to the transmission. I now am able to get all gears P,R,N,D,3,2,1. All of them click in nicely, except first gear which I'm barely reaching. I think with a stiffer rod I can get first to click in better. They all line up on the gear indicator as well, and the steering column locks into park. I would not have gotten first if I hadn't changed out the shift gate inside the steering column."

The best Pictures are from this thread about lengthening the shift rod.

The question I have left over is; what about extending the part of the shift arm that comes out of the bottom of the column? It would make the need for more travel in the column a moot point and force the rod to move further, possibly seating the transmission solidly into the first gear transmission detent. Thoughts?


Mar 21, 2013
I had a 86 suburban 6.2 diesel and took out the th 400 and put in a heavy modded 700r4
Made no changes on the collum onley the indicator had to be changed to od
Hope this helps

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