78-80 Monte Picture Thread



Royal Smart Person
Nov 15, 2008
Here is my 78'. I know it's not everyone style. If Chevy made a 78' SS, I think it would be similar to this. Started life as a Landau, as evident by the side moulding.
Exterior: Removed 1/2 vinyl top, painted original black, added SS stripes, added 15' Rally wheels
Interior: Complete 86" Monte SS interior including wiring harness and dash. Only 1/4 glass trim re-used but painted to match.
Rear: 8.5", 3:73 gears, added a Eaton Limited slip, donated from a 85' 442.
Motor: 71' 350 block, .030 over, 10.2:1 flat top pistons, 65' corvette "fulie" heads, 64cc, ported and polished and studded, comp cams XE268 grind, roller 1.52 rockers, Edelbrock R.P.M air gap manifold, Edelbrock 650 AVS2 carb., Pypes exhaust.
Trans: Tremec TKO 600
Suspension and steering: Rear shock tower brace, upper and lower rear control arms boxed, Full F41 sway bars and steering box, Rear upper control arm to frame braces, front frame rail interconnect brace, SS springs all around.


Mar 6, 2019
My 79..





Mar 6, 2019
Nice Pics!!! I dig the Auburn-style 2 tone; is that factory?
Yes, thats the factory color scheme - carmine red / dark carmine red 2 tone.
But it has been painted over a couple times.



Royal Smart Person
Nov 15, 2008
Love it!


Mar 6, 2019
I went out for a cruise yesterday and took some pictures. I overdid it a little with the finishing touches on this one but i freakin like it.
Looks like a tattoo Art work or something. Kinda frustrated that i had the parking lights on - lost a lot of detail there.


(original Picture)



Mar 6, 2019
That car is either ridiculously photogenic or you're one helluva shutterbug!

TDK is still around? I haven't seen that name since the 80s (Dad sold pro-audio gear).
let's say I know my way around a Camera :censored: ( although those pictures above are made with a Galaxy S8 Smartphone)
and I gave the Monte a little wash before i took the pictures. It's all about the perspective and to think twice before taking the shot.

One day i just got so annoyed over all the crappy picutres i brought back from vacation. I Never looked at them twice.
Than i started reading about photography, and how importent it is to just keep a couple key elements in the back of your head to get better results.

I had TDK cassettes back in the days, thats all i know about them.

Wayne Parker

Jan 9, 2016
Dumb question but if you don't know you need to ask. What's a switch plate?
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