82 El Camino First Car



Jan 26, 2019
Charlotte, NC
Thanks for all the comments guys! I have yet to get around to the transmission due to being busy with other things but I'll find time this week or on the weekend for sure. And I am going to give my brother a shout out because I don't think I have anywhere else. He helped me out so so much and gave me the much needed motivation required to get the car to where it is today. Also all the welds you see are his! The man has been working on cars and fabricating since he was 11 so he's got some skills. We are twins so we are both 19 now and he is a fully certified GM tech currently working at a GMC/Buick dealership. To answer caliwagon83 I've never thought about opening my own shop and probably never will, but my brother is trying to get his own thing going. He is fully capable of custom exhaust work and fabrication. And if you need an axle re-geared or some custom axle/suspension work he is able to do that as well. Open to g body and of course non g body work. So if you are in the Charlotte/Matthews area of North Carolina shoot me a message and I'll give you his contact info. Shameless plug for my great brother :)
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