84' Hurst

Oct 14, 2008
Ah that sucks, I had problems with using a camshaft thrust washer and the clearance of the block to allow it. I also had a fiasco when it came to getting a cam and pistons because of the size I went with and what the machine shop would and wouldn't do for me.
What pistons did you go with? Everything is still in pretty short supply.


Dec 15, 2021
NW Ohio
I bought from Olds Performance Products a flat piston with a bore size of 4.125 so my true cubic inch is more around 365 cubic inches. It's essentially a 455 piston just crammed into that block but she should be a ripper or at least a little naughty 😉


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Feb 15, 2015
Northern Indiana
Your killing me, what are this motors specs? I have to live through you, as my Olds 358 endlessly sits at the second machine shop
1970 350 block, stroker crank kit, modified LS pistons with zero deck, untouched EB heads with port matched performer RPM intake,Holley Terminator X system, 10 :1 compression. It's a Remmel built engine but you probably knew that.
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Dec 1, 2014
Upstate NY
Wow! Supercool and EFI too!

Can you describe the EFI? TB, crank and cam trigger? I’m going to get a stealth TB, but guessing sucks.

How about some cam specs as well? That is a sh*t ton of power below 6000rpm’s.
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