Adding factory style ashtray - Install guidance request


Oct 30, 2019
Hello. I am looking to add an under-radio ashtray cup holder to my MC. The car was not equipped with the ashtray but rather the compartment style center console unit. That compartment has long disintegrated and been replaced with an aftermarket box. Anyways, there are some ashtray units on ebay so I'm in luck.

My question is this: Do I need both these units (picture below)? Since the MC was jot equipped from factory, is my car missing something that will prevent me from installing these pieces? As you can see, I already have the OBD 1 plug mount on my car currently so I wouldn't need that. Also, I don't see any sellers providing the screws/bolts. Anyone happen to know what type I need?

Thanks in advance!


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Oct 2, 2016
On my 82 El C I have the top part on the first pic and as I remember the fasteners are 7mm head self tapping


Feb 18, 2014
No need to deal with the ebay idiots. Post what you need here on the buy/sell forum and maybe you can find someone local to avoid shipping hassles. Or, if you rather, I can check to see if everything is still in good shape on the 88 monte that's out back.
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