BAGGAH2-(Harley-Davidson Project Thread)



Master Mechanic
Feb 20, 2018
Just took another peek at your posted pictures and am now wondering where that chip out of the cam shaft got off to. if it just went to dust and got picked off by the filter all might be well. If it escaped into the oil lines, well................. MIght be worth the time to fillet the oil filter to see what the filter material has trapped. Other thing that commended itself to my attention was some curiousity about the shape or condition that the roller bearing that supported that shaft was in. Not sure what mfgr your cam bearings came from. Torrington used to be the bomb when it came to needle and roller bearings. Harley went to INA for its cam bearings and the service life went for a sh*t. INA bearings use fewer rollers to allow for room for the cage. This makes them weaker and more prone to dying sooner. The inboard bearing particularly had a bad reputation for committing suicide. This may not be an issue for your motor due to it being a twin cam but. and again, it is a while you are in there thing that could save you a second teardown; although if you have to break, Sturgis is just about the best place to do it as there are shops and vendors all over the place and none of the national couriers that deliver to the district get any rest during that two week period!!

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